Friday, August 30, 2013


The 100 Days Project was a failburger on my part. Actually, not totally failburger, since I did manage to rustle up a few typefaces, which is more than I could've done had I not started the project...

Anyway... what a crazy month August was. Without going into too many details: I finished up my contract at my old job (sob), had a little surgery (what the), got offered two jobs (insert happy dance), and sprained a knee and an ankle on the same leg (wop wop). Oh, and I got instagramming! If you'd like to follow my exploits and such, you can do so here.

The Wisteria bine* by my house which has been looking dead the past few months is slowly starting to come back to life again - it's got little buds and I just know that in the next month it's going to be bursting with flowers and fragrance. Aaah how I love spring.

That's me signing off today, happy weekend!

*"bine" is not a typo. Btw, I never would have thought that Wisteria was related to the pea family! n