Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rain ...

What are you doing this beautiful rainy afternoon? I want to curl up in bed, turn the electric blanket on, and read a good book while munching a chocolate, but ... instead I'm finishing up my Victorian exegesis [more on my assignment later], and muching on Modak ...


Today's Word of the Day:
[not so much "word" of the day, but rather an abbreviation that designers use]
CRAP: Contrast. Repetition. Alignment. Proximity.

Sand Animation

Sand animation is one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen.

Wikipedia definition: An artist creates a series of images using sand, a process which is achieved by applying sand to a surface and then rendering images by drawing lines and figures in the sand with one's hands.

This is Kseniya Simonova, a sand artist, and also the winner of Ukraine's Got Talent.

Please click here to go to the sand animation video - I guarantee that you will love it. 

Thanks, Aparna, for the link!

No copyright infringement intended.

p.s.: I know, I haven't written a Word of the Day. I haven't forgotten it. Maybe in another post?

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Well, I just saw this profile icon that said:


In Harry Potter, Bella tortured Alice into insanity.

Well ...

I guess that happened in Twilight too.


Today's Word of the Day:
Placid (adjective): [Of a person or animal] not easily upset or excited.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Doodling away ...

Stephanie and Abby left the most wonderful comments on one of my posts. Inspired by that, I'm posting some of the doodles I did while on the long drive to Ruapehu [remember my ski trip?] ...

All the trees that we looked at were like these, so naturally I had to draw some!

Can't think of a name for this character [she's a twin]. Can you think of one? ... and maybe one for her twin, too?

Eeee! That's meee! :D

I did a full doodle page on the front of my visual diary and this is a part of it ... I'm thinking of colouring it in as well, but not too sure ...

And on a more witchy note ... the always bubbly - and one of my most favourite characters - Nymphadora Tonks. For the "before" Tonks, I was going for a tomboyish look, but I think she turned out to be Lisa Simpson!

So, comments? You like? You don't like? Can't wait to hear from ya!

One down ...

... two to go. My assessments, I mean. One's due on Monday, the other on Friday.

Will post muchly after that!

p.s.: Aw, come on people, 14 followers and no comments?! :(

Today's Word of the Day:
Snicker (verb): Give a smothered or half-supressed laugh; snigger.

Also: an awesome candy ;)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Wow, this site looks like a jem. I only looked at it for about ten seconds [well okay, maybe a bit more than ten seconds], but I'm quite impressed. Blogger tips, more templates, tricks, etc. 

I want to learn how to make my own favicon. Don't know what a favicon is? That's what wiki is for! Click here to go directly to the favicon page.

Oh, and hello Robert Lau, and thank you so much for following my little blog!

Today's Word of the Day:
Novella (noun): A short novel or a long short story.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Apple.

Speaking of apples in that previous post, I think a post on my iMac was in order, so here're some pics ...

Oh, and I don't have that SpongeBob desktop anymore ... It hurts the eyes too much :)


Oh. My. God. Is this macbook drool-tastic, or what. Gold pleated, with diamonds for the logo?! Wowzers.

Talking about Apple ... and ... drool-tastic ... what about this awesome Apple apple pie?!

I'm sure you're now wanting some instructions and more photos ... and here they are!

Sadly, none of the above images are mine :( I wish that at least the top one was ... *sigh*

Today's Word of the Day:
Gruelling (adjective): Extremely tiring and demanding.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Isn't this cupcake simply gorgeous?! Mum got it for me from the City Cake Company :D ... it was delish!

And, has anyone seen the new [is it new?] Cadbury eyebrows ad?! Personally, I think it's hilarious, and I also think that the little girl's trying not to burst out laughing, but maybe it's only me ... Anyways, for those who haven't ... 'experienced' it, here is a youtube version. Let me know if you liked it!

Today's Word of the Day:
Verdure (noun): Lush green vegetation.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

That's It.

Yaay, thanks Quinn, for following me!

A friend is nearly finished with her exegesis, while I haven't. She happily mentioned that she's going to watch Home and Away. I happily replied with this:

you can watch home and away. i cannot.
you can eat ice cream and celebrate. i cannot.
you can frolic through your backyard and make daisy chains. i cannot.

you have finished your zeitgeist. i have not.

Anywho, it's a bit random but I still wanted to post it here. Hey, it's not everyday I feel that poetic.

Tra-la-la ...

Oh dear ...

Yes, oh dear indeed. I'm spending the day working on my Zeitgeist and its exegesis.

Fun, no?

Hehehe this is funny ... [click on the image to make it bigger!]

p.s.: If you haven't read my earlier post ... exegesis is just a fancy word for a written research summary ... sort of like an explanation as to why you did what you did.

Today's Word of the Day:
Velleity (noun; formal): A wish or inclination not strong enough to lead to action.

Um, image copyright someone, but I'm not sure who the someone is!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Yes, I know, I'm taking gaps while posting these days, aren't I?! That's because four of our assessments are due in two weeks, and we're crazily just trying to finish them all, so we can go on a well-earned glorious two-week vacation. Wherein we will probably be given stuff to do for the new term, but hey, that's okay with me. Atleast there'll be some rest.

So, please, just bear with me till then ... [well, no one's really commenting these days anyways, so I suppose not many people are reading the blog ... no way for me to know, anyways ...]

I'll start posting stuff as and when I get the time.

As for now, I must go start on my exegesis.

Today's Word of the Day:
Chary (adjective): Cautious; wary.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


My blog is getting recognised internationally!! :P

Thanks, Silviana, for following me!

[Omg, 12 followers! Yippee!!]

p.s.: Kunal, as you always say: CONGO!!!

Today's Word of the Day:
Sacrilege (noun): Violation or misuse of what is regarded as sacred.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Of Wontons and Spring Rolls ...

My friends and I recently discovered that the sushi place on campus makes the most wonderful spring rolls, for cheap. And then I discovered they make the most wonderful wontons, and they're vegetarian, too! Add in a dash of sweet chilli sauce, and that's our lunch each Tuesday. Sorry the image isn't that good, I was in a hurry to finish my munchies :P


Hmmm. So I saw someone labelled one of my posts as "bleh". It'd be cool if you commented a bit on what you found bleh. But, really, as you might've noticed, I'm changing the posts on my blog a bit, and making them a tad more personal. Kinda like a journal? Just posting on whatever I feel like, but interesting stuff, too.

I also got told that the background loads after you've finished reading the post - this is something that doesn't happen on my computer. So I see that kind of as a fail. If you want to read more fails, go here. That site also has lots of lolcats and random stuff.


I think that a post on accessories is in order. I cannot believe how pretty the new ranges at eQUIP and Diva are ... Rose brooches are blooming in every shop I go to ... I've got an aqua rose already, but I think I need to get some more ... but my camera decided to freeze and it's not letting me delete the photos I've got on it. Ugh!

And, I also think I need to post on how to make headbands. I made ten of them this morning in less than ten minutes. :D

Edit: Oh, I put that sentence about my camera in because I was going to take a pic of my new accessories, but it's kind of not possible, since the memory is already full, and I can't delete pics.

Also, I forgot to write in ...
Today's Word of the Day:
Putsch (noun): A violent attempt to overthrow a government.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rainbow Twizzlers?

I've been looking at photos of Rainbow Twizzlers [don't ask me why - I don't know, I just think they're so pretty!]. But I've never seen them in New Zealand. Has anyone tried them? Are they delish [I know, Rachael Ray's word! Isn't she awesome?!]?

I guess I'm just curious.

The awesomely colourful picture of Rainbow Twizzlers is from Flickr.


Random snippets of conversation are always funny. These three I heard in the same day last week:

- A girl to another, on the bus: "That's what teenage is all about. Getting lost while going to the mall." Er, yeah, but you're not really experiencing teenage then if you're on a bus that stops right in front of the mall, are you?

- I got told: "Your eyes are like kiwifruits. They are so edible." This was by the always delightful friend of mine who likes calling herself Laxmoii.

- And, finally, SpongeBob SquarePants to Patrick Star: "You can't be a mom, Patrick, you don't wear a shirt!" Oh, dearie.

Goodness, no, I don't mean to mock any of these people - they are wonderful. It's just that their convo was kinda funny, and I felt like putting it on here.

Today's Word of the Day:
Kibitz (verb; informal): Look on and offer unwelcome advice, especially at a card game.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Things I am loving + hating at the moment ...

The Good:

- This swan. It's. Just. Beautiful.

- This blog. I won a giveaway there [!!].

- This blog. Giveaways every day?! Bring it on!!

- This country. Hopefully, I'm going there soon.

- These. RJ's promise "making the world a better liquorice place", and they live up to it. I love their soft-eating raspberry liquorice. Think you get those in Australia, the UK, and the USA as well. [I want to try rainbow twizzlers by Hersheys, but I don't think you get those in NZ]

- This video. It's hilarious. Ma-ia hii ... Ma-ia huu ... Ma-ia haa ... Ma-ia haa-haa ... Thanks for the link, Rashmi.

- The ribbons I got from Geoff's Emporium. Ten ribbons = a million possibilities for mixing and creating headbands. $2 for everything = very cheap = a very happy Gandhali. Think I need to go in and get some more.

The Bad:

- Deadlines.

- Missing the bus and having to stand in the cold. Ergh.

- Deadlines that magically pile up.

- Baby rats. Especially those who eat through my potato chips packet and a favourite library book [The Year the Gypsies Came by Linzi Glass. Amazing read]. Ugh.

- Deadlines that magically pile up and are all due in the same week.

- Not getting time to post stuff on the blog :(

- Missed deadlines [not that I've missed any this semester - I'm not procrastinating, unlike the last semester, and not leaving anything for the last minute. Phew!].

The Random:
Today's Word of the Day:
Curio (noun): A rare, unusual, or intriguing object.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Hey peoples, are you wondering how to comment on my posts? As I said earlier, my posts are going to be called buzzes, and your comments buzz backs. So if you do want to comment, just click on buzzbacks at the end of my post.


Oh, and thank you so much, anon person, for clicking on "You're Awesome". It pretty much made my day. :)

Today's Word of the Day:
Burin (noun): No, it's not one of the dwarves from The Hobbit, lol, it is actually a steel tool used for engraving in copper or wood.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

To new beginnings ...

I have [successfully] influenced my friend Laxmy, to start her own blog! Exciting! If you want to read the musings of a twelve-year-old, have a visit here.

Meanwhile, back at The Graphic Bee ...

Laxmy says I should post about the shoe problem I had this morning while going to uni, where I tried [and failed] at tucking my jeans into my new suede shoes.

But, no, as I don't want anyone to know about it, I say I post this:

Today's Word of the Day:
Pluperfect (adjective and noun): Another term for past perfect.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Shabby Blog

No, I'm not saying that my blog is shabby ... Shabby Blogs is a new website that I found where you get free blog backgrounds. Like the one I got. And more. And free.

No need to share the link here, you've probably seen it on the top left of my blog already ... and their code is extremely easy to use ...

[Since both the previous paragraphs were started with "No", I'll start the new one with ....]

Yup, that's it from me! Might blog later today.

Edit: Oooo. I've changed the colour scheme + the normally "bleh" stuff below the post is now "oh-my-goshy!" ... Posts by me are called "Buzzes" and comments by you awesome peoples are called "BuzzBacks" ... I'm really getting into the Bee mode here, aren't I?! Tell me what you think of my new layout! Is it awesome? Is it still bleh? Leave a comment, or click on the groovy buttons at the bottom of each post! Really, though, I'd rather have comments :D

Today's Word of the Day:
Vale (noun): A valley.

p.s.: Been watching Taare Zameen Par for the last half hour ... an awesome movie. Ishaan's so cute!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I was cleaning my books and I found my old refill ... and in it was a folded paper containing my very first [very silly] poem. It was one a.m. when I wrote it two years ago, and I clearly sound strange due to lack of sleep. And yes, I know, I am no poet.

We can laugh at it together:

At one in the morning,
History seems so boring.
I didn't study when I
came back from school,
now who'll remember
Goneril, Regan,
and their stool?
Watching SpongeBob
is so much fun,
but now I'm letting
my candle burn.
I don't even know
what I'm doing,
History at one
seems so boring.

There you go. *runs away and hides*

p.s.: Refill = Lined paper stuck together like a notepad. You write on it, tear it off, and put it in your ring binder.

p.p.s.: Yes, I was talking about Goneril and Regan from King Lear.

Today's Word of the Day:
Schlub (noun; informal): A talentless, unattractive, or boorish person.