Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh My Goodness!

Who doesn't like giveaways? I've been blog-searching, and stumbled across here. It's got the most amazing giveaways right now ... all cute and pretty. Stationery, clothes, jewellery, and much more.

Go comment, and win something fabulous!

Good luck!

p.s.: Some of the giveaways end today, so hurry! :)

Image copyright The Bright Side Project, I'm simply using it here to let others know of your wonderfully happy blog.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Five more to go ...

Friends and fellow bloggers, this is my 96th post ... I was going to host a small contest for my 100th, but seeing that I'm not really receiving the response to my posts as I was hoping, I think I'll have to bin that idea ...

Oh well.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Heart this!

I totally heart this, it's going on my wish list. Fabulous! Gorgeous! Vintage!

From here, on Etsy.


Look at these amazing hand-made pom-poms! I can't wait to make some for my room [I'm thinking dark blue and metallic silver]!

Original instructions at Martha Stewart's site here, and more detailed and easier instructions here.

Have fun, and let me know if you decide to do them.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bubble Bees

Apologies for the late post, I have been on the computer 24/7 last week, and iMac and I decided to break up for a week of rest.

But, I'm back. And gosh it sure felt good clicking on 'New Post' again!

And look at my new Bubble Bee score! 5950! Awesome, or what [I mean, for a person who only plays Nintendo DS once in a while, and doesn't like computer games much]!

p.s.: And yes, I do remember that I need to post on binding techniques, I'm so sorry that I haven't posted till now :(

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I was having some fun over at Orisinal. Take a look at this freshly picked bunch of flowers. True, they're virtual. But still:

Business Card

Here's a logo and business card I designed (address details pixelated on purpose):

Monday, June 22, 2009

Busy Bee.

I have indeed been a busy bee this past week, with assessments, and work, and what-not. I'm posting this because I know I was supposed to be posting detailed instructions on two binding techniques on Friday, and I've written one of them down already, I just need time to finish the other one and take pics of the books I've bound.

They will be up soon. Hopefully tomorrow [I've got my fingers crossed].


Aren't these parasols just cute? I'd love to own one! I like the one with the black fringe, and the black frilly one ... Which ones do you like?

Parasols from here.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


It's official. Today is the first day of winter [in some countries, anyways]. Even Google's got into the celebratory mood.

The regular bees will also notice that I've added a few extra gadgets to my blog: Search the Honeycomb, which is self-explanatory; Fishy Bees, which is a cute game that I talked about in my earlier post; and Picked from the Flowers, which is a list of blogs and websites that I picked when buzzing around in the flowers, that I really like and wanted to share.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Addictive games

Yes, the Bee is back.

A fellow blogger, Stephanie, has added a small but delightful widget called Fish. It's all about feeding little fishie food to little fishies. Very cute and addictive.

Another addictive game site that I found the other day while browsing DesignMom was this: Orisinal: Morning Sunshine.

Here's a little blurb from the very trusted Wikipedia: Orisinal is a website featuring 60 Adobe Flash games. The website was created in 2000 by Ferry Halim. It won the World Summit Award in 2003. Ferry Halim's games mostly contain small animals. The majority [I think all] of the games are cute and have beautiful outdoor backgrounds and relaxing, ambient music, with a few games involving fighting and battle. The website also contains an online store, guest book [where you get to create a cute avatar!], desktop wallpaper, trailers, and also a special function that allows users to send and receive flowers custom-made via email services.

I have sent the "freshly picked flowers" from Orisinal today to all my friends to spread a little happiness. The games are extremely cute. I really like Bubble Bees, High Delivery, and Starry Night [from among the ones I've tried].

For those who like Jelly Fishing, but unfortunately do not belong to the delightful world of SpongeBob SquarePants, Bubble Bees is the game for you. The top image is Bubble Bees in action.

Another beautiful game, High Delivery, where you blow the balloon to collect all the pretty flowers ...


... and you ultimately reach and deliver them at Heaven's Gate. I liked the concept very much.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Journal and Julie's fonts courtesy


I was a little bored. So I created a type-baby, just by using different fonts and alphabets. See if you can recognise any of them!

I don't much like the star on its cheek now.


If you've read my posts from the beginning, you'll know I love Damask. If you want to adorn your webpage or even your desktop with Damask backgrounds, here's a really lovely website. All their downloads are free. I'd post a screenshot of my desktop, but it's quite cluttered at the moment, I need to tidy it a little!

p.s.: Want to learn how to create simple booklets? I'm writing up some simple steps for two great bookbinding techniques, so don't forget to come back here tomorrow! Toodles for now! :)

p.p.s.: Actually, as it is assessment week, mind if I start posting after Friday? I'm actually crazily busy at the moment ... sorry for the inconvenience, but do leave comments, I'll reply to those :)

The Me Bee.

The Me Bee, and her faithful [haha ...] followers. Artwork done by Gandhali, of course! Do you like it?

Sunday, June 14, 2009


[This is for girlies!]

I know, I'm digressing a little bit, but I just came across a brilliant article on how to tie scarves in different ways. And since it's winter [where I live, anyways], well, I thought I'd post the link here! There are detailed instructions, and pretty drawings! I really like the Butterfly Wrap [pictured], and the Bow Tie!

Go have a look here. I've already bookmarked it for later use!

Windows vs Macintosh

Hey there ... I was just wondering, how many of you use a Windows platform? This is just so I know whether I should photoshop my images [make them lighter and brighter, because when I saw my blog from a Windows, it looks completely different, not to mention the images look darker].

Gracias, amiga!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Book Binding

Since not everyone knows about book binding [I only learnt about it last year], what about I write down some steps to create some easy booklets?

Next week?

Is that a good idea? Let me know!

Potted Potter

Oh my goodness. I cannot believe that Libby and I missed this show. It looks hilarious! I'm sorry, Libby, I know how hard you were trying to persuade me to go! Hopefully they'll come next year as well ...

In the meantime, let's enjoy their pictures [taken from their website]:

Friday, June 12, 2009

To my followers ...

A big hello to all my lovely followers. Expect something very cute on Monday [with your name on it!] ...

Look what arrived at my doorstep!

[Er .. sorry for the long title!]

A couple of weeks ago, I had called 0800 FROTHY to receive my free sample of Gregg's new instant coffee. I was expecting a tiny packet. But instead, I got a pretty envelope with an even prettier letter and three big sachets. Thank you, Gregg's, you've really impressed me! These are awesome to take to uni as well. Mmm ...

[The nail polish and the necklace are mine, though! I am such a big accessory junkie ...]


First things first. Thank you so much, Abby, for following my blog!

Second things second. The explanation of blog addiction, by me.

You are addicted to blogging when you come home from a full day at uni [where you haven't had much to eat, and are starving], throw your bags on your bed, switch on your computer, and check whether anyone has commented on your blog. Then you trot away, get something to eat, trot back with your food, and start writing this post.

[Oh, and of course you have an assessment + an essay due the next week. Which you haven't quite completed yet.]

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Assessments ..

Hey there .. I've  got some assessments due .. might not be able to post everyday for the next couple of weeks, but here's something to keep you entertained: Click me!

It's a blog called Bloggers Anonymous, and the link is to a page where it lists out ten symptoms of blog addiction .. needless to say, they are all very true with me; I do suffer from blog addiction.

Lemme know if you liked it! :D

Monday, June 8, 2009


Isn't this watermelon hat [for kids] just cute? From RedCurrent, for $14. More stuff here.

Image taken from the RedCurrent shop.


For those of us who don't understand coffee.

I'll have a caf-ay moh-kuh, thank you very much.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wish List!

These things are so on my wish list at the moment:

A Golden Snitch necklace. From Etsy.

The Golden Snitch earrings, also seen on Etsy.

And, of course, The One Ring. Don't know where this image is from, sadly.

Harry Potter!

Most of the people who read this blog know me [I suppose], and also know how big a Harry Potter fanatic I am.

It's crazy, then, for me to think the sixth movie is coming out in ... calm down, no need for all caps, Gandhali ... just a little more than a month! All the snippets are looking very good so far ... I especially like the one that starts off with "It's beautiful, isn't it? ... The moon." ... I won't spoil it any more than that if you haven't watched it yet [but it's hilarious, or "harlious" as we say it] ...

I think I should post about all the Harry Potter merchandise I own. It's not too much, but still. It's quite a collection. Wands and snitches and oh my ...

p.s.: Thanks, Libby. Get me a HP gift this year, too? Just kidding.

p.p.s.: A little more than a month!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Blueberry Gum

Wow, there's been a lot of blueberries at my blog now. I got the camera and I got the shots. Here they are:

Yep the lined background is from my brand "Melodie Tymes" and it's stationery for little kids/teens to write letters on, in this world full of emails and txt messages. And the little blonde she-devil is Cloris, also one of my characters .. :)

New Author?

Hiya! I think I'm getting a new author to this blog! So she can fill in for me when I'm not there. Probably after the 25th. She's a longtime friend of mine, I'll introduce her as and when she signs up ..

[But I'm not too sure, and she's not too sure, so this might change! ;D]

Emo Egg

"Hey, man, I'm going to be an omelette soon."

Nope, not my artwork. Nope, I'm not using it anywhere else. I'm not sure who owns it, as I just came across it while googling. But a fine image.

Kawaii again ..

I realise that I haven't posted as much Kawaii as I'd like, and I did have more to post - cartoons, how to make two different kawaii gift boxes, and two kawaii origamis.

So, erm ... shall we consider today and tomorrow as Kawaii Week as well, or shall I just post it sometime later?


Hey there! I'm sorry, I completely forgot to post the answers to the Quiz from last Monday.

Here they are!
1.) Half hearted
2.) Just between you and me
3.) Safety in numbers
4.) No doubt about it
5.) To [two] few to [two] mention
6.) Lots of luck
7.) House on Prairie
8.) Blood is thicker than water
9.) I understand [I under stand]

Hope you had fun solving them! [Let me know if you like quizzes like this, and I'll keep a lookout for them!]


Google, like always, is celebrating something with their logo - this time it's Tetris. Well, a very Happy 25th to Tetris!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Kawaii Jewellery

Keeping in touch with our Kawaii side, here's some really cute jewellery I found [from eQuip]:

Today I am also thinking ...

Where was I when Wrigleys invented Blueberry flavour for their Extra brand? When I saw it, of course I had to buy it!

And so far, I have been impressed. Its packaging is purple, which is my favourite colour. It says that it helps to keep teeth and gums healthy. It is a 14-piece pack, and the pieces are individually wrapped, kept neatly in the envelope, just waiting to be eaten. The wrapping paper on each stick has cute cartoons on it [Kawaii!]. The gum is lilac in colour. The envelope is a thick card, and is easily re-sealable. It smells exactly like the Blueberry Pie I baked, no kidding.

Going to try it now ...

Quite a strong flavour there, but it's easily noticeable as blueberries. I like. But I recommend it only if you like blueberries. This is a I'll-eat-it-once-in-a-while kinda gum for me. Like the Green Apple. The dairy owner said it's really fast selling. Well, I suppose she'd say it, as she was selling it to me. But I bought it [pun intended].

Today I am thinking ...

Bus drivers are crazy beings. Honestly. Today, as I was getting home from uni, this bus [not mine] pulled up in front of me. All was going good, till a girl who was about to get on had the doors shut in her face. The bus driver stared the other way and pulled the bus out of the bus lane. She was left standing there, feebly waving at him to open the door. I mean, what is that all about?! And this is a bus that comes at an interval of every half an hour.

Has something like this ever happened to you?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Story of my life.

Once upon a time, there was a Graphic Design student. She had drawn a whole heap of whimsical characters, all emo, all cute. She then went on to design a lovely campaign for them, ranging from stickers and bracelets to terrible flavoured lollipops, and even a book!

Normally very good with computer file organising, she accidentally made multiple files for this assignment. Of course, she only updated one of these files.

Everyone at her exhibition loved her campaign.

She then went on to delete the most updated folder.

And then she emptied her trash.

And now, all she has is half-finished work.

M. E. A. H. S. for Stephanie

Hey everyone. Today's upload is for a fellow blogger, Stephanie. She regularly comments on my blog, and as a special thanks for reading my blog, I've created a poster for her and her besties, the M. E. A. H. S.

Hope you like it, Stephanie! Let me know if M. E. A. H. liked it as well, okay? Oh, and let me know if it's getting pixelated, and if it is, I'll post a pdf version.


Kawaii means "cute" in Japanese. If you look around, most Japanese artwork is pretty cute [although sometimes I think it is overdone]. Wikipedia also mentions that since the 1970s, kawaii has become a prominent aspect of Japanese culture, entertainment, clothing, food, toys, personal appearance, behaviour and mannerisms. It goes on to mention how the western culture sometimes sees it as juvenile or frivolous [in places such as government publications, offices, military adverts, etc.], which sort of backs up the point I made earlier about it being overdone.

Anyways, I am not here to point out the negatives. Today, I'd like to start with some cartoons that come under the Kawaii umbrella.

Everyone knows who this is. Hello Kitty has gathered a cult following. [I wonder if anyone saw that episode on Tyra when we were shown this woman's Hello Kitty-filled house? That was an interesting episode. Anyways, I'm digressing here.]

Pikachu! Isn't he cute?

And, last but definitely not the least, Miffy. Miffy's designed by a Dutch illustrator called Richard Bruna. But she's still Kawaii, isn't she?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ten Things About Me.

When I read my fellow blogger Stephanie's blog, she'd nicely stated ten things about her there. Which made me realise, I hadn't really done that. Hadn't really introduced myself.

So, here are ten random things about me:

1.) I wanted to be an astronaut when I was younger.
2.) I have green eyes.
3.) I could eat just chocolate for an entire month.
4.) I really like tomato-flavoured popcorn.
5.) I really like the smell of lemons. Actually, it's my most favourite smell.
6.) I am a stickler for proper spelling.
7.) I am in my first year of Bachelor in Graphic Design.
8.) I am really good at Scooby-Doo Unmasked on Nintendo DS Lite. As in, really, really good.
9.) I am obsessed with Harry Potter [who isn't?] and the Lord of the Rings movies.
10.) I really like writing this blog, but more than that, I like reading your comments.

So go comment! Tell me who you are. How you found this blog, etc. We can be blog-buddies.

Awesomeness Part Two

It's been a long time since I posted Awesomeness Part One. Since then, I've seen so many cool things that I thought I'd post them first [Kawaii being posted tomorrow!]. But, finally, here it is. Awesomeness Part Two. In its special glory.

How many times have you really said "delete it" instead of "bin it"? Come, now. It's definitely happened to me. And I'd like to dedicate the below Awesomeness to all who've said it.

Dharma Chair. Awesome. I know. [That's why it's here!]


Gandhali is devouring a Cadbury Dairy Milk. Mmm. I am such a chocoholic!

... oh no! It's all gone! The fairies must've gobbled it all from me! :(

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Do we need any more cuteness in our life? Look at this:

I really like the Oreo ring!

All of this is available at TuckShop's Etsy shop.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Yep, peoples, this is my 50th post. Hurrah!

Have a great day, wherever you are!

Miffy image copyright whoever owns it. It's certainly not mine!

p.s.: If you like Kawaii, don't forget to peek back in this week. I'm going to be uploading some serious cuteness.