Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Apple and Rose Petal Ice Cream

Heya ... today I come with another recipe from Vogue 1996. The other one is right here.

Apple and Rose Petal Ice Cream [900ml]

You will need:
4 pink scented Rose heads/
425ml thick cream/
450g eating apples [we used two Royal Gala and two New Zealand Beauty] peeled, cored, sliced/
2tbsp water/
juice of half a lemon/
150g caster sugar.

The preparation:
- Make sure that the roses weren't sprayed with chemicals.
- Remove the petals from the rose heads.
- Put them in a saucepan with the cream, bring slowly to boil, then remove from heat, cover, and allow to infuse for one hour.
- Strain the cream, pressing the petals firmly to extract all flavour.
- Cook the apples in a covered saucepan over medium heat with the water and lemon juice until soft.
- Blend the apples to a smooth puree, add the sugar and allow to cool.
- Mix the apple puree with the scented cream and place in the freezer for one hour.
- Remove from the freezer and beat for a few seconds with a hand beater until the mixture is slushy.
- Return to the freezer and repeat the process twice more each hour.
- Freeze for a further hour when the ice cream is ready to serve.
- Serve with crystallised rose petals.

- The roses I got were a beautiful bright pink colour, but lacked the scent. So I had to put some rose essence in it, and it worked fabulously. You can add about four drops.
- Also, I decided to leave the rose petals in the ice cream. The petals look good in the cream-coloured ice cream, and mm they have a rose petaley flavour that I like.
- And yes I served it with crystallised petals.

Crystallised Petals:
This is a good recipe for crystallised [gah! Blogger won't stop underlining 'crystallised' in red; apparently I'm spelling it wrong!] petals, pretty close to what I did. I used one egg white to cover about 3 rose heads.

I liked this ice cream. It's different to what I've ever had before, and made our kitchen smell of lemons and roses ... mmm, so refreshing! There's still some left in the fridge, and you are welcome to come over and help yourself to some! :)


Jingle said...

cool ideas.
it sounds yummy.

Gandhali said...

it IS quite yummy, i loved it!

If you ate pasta and antipasta, would you still be hungry? said...

sounds sweet n simple yet nice........
hey try infusing d rose petals in lil alcohol ove night.............helps to extract d essences widout damaging dem.....wid d heated cream d volatile oils r lost...........

Gandhali said...

oh i didn't know that! thanks! i'll definitely try it the next time :)

Gandhali said...

btw, mr pasta and antipasta, do i know you? :)

Jingle said...

I am 41.
Thanks for asking!

Shelayne said...

yay. i so gotta make this. thanks for sharing :3

Gandhali said...

no problem shelayne :)