Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Days 11 - 20

Some more alphabets for Matariki (Chicken Potpie?? Matariki...?). I'd done up more but as I really wasn't happy with them, I am going to redo them.

Didn't I say that the uppercase letters looked like kowhaiwhai patterns? :-)

Next post will be up on Sunday. By then, I hope to finish this typeface. It has stretched for too long and I cannot wait to get stuck into a different one soon! All the final tweaks and things I'll work on at the end of the project...

Monday, June 24, 2013

sniffle sniffle

Dear blog and 100 Days Project, please do not think I have abandoned you, and please excuse yesterday and today. I please have a sick day in this project?

I will try my best to get my post/new typeface up by tomorrow! Only a few alphabets left for Chicken Potpie! Woohoo!

Hmm I might call the typeface "Matariki". Just a thought.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Days 4 - 10

When I went to work last Monday, I was given a new job... to re-design a flyer for school enrolments for the new year (isn't it a bit early for that? Anyway...). I searched for a font that looked like cursive chalk writing. And when I couldn't find one I liked, I decided to make my own! Chicken Potpie has taken a back seat this week while I worked on this new typeface called 'School Enrolments' (ha!). It's based off of Snell Roundhand, and I'm still working on a few ligatures. :-)

And this is what it looks like in my flyer (contains some placeholder text):

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Days 2 + 3 + announcement

Hello, dear blog.

This is the third day of the 100 Day Project... and it is going well! Yesterday, I finished off most of the lower case alphabets of Chicken Potpie (yet to be renamed...), and today I have started working on the upper case alphabets and numbers.

I have decided the way I am going to go about posting these typefaces. I will be posting every Sunday, the results of the entire earlier week. Hopefully that will mean that I will do one typeface per week, but let's see. As since Friday I only have a bunch of random alphabets and a few numbers finished, I won't post anything today, but by next Sunday I hope to have Chicken Potpie done and dusted.

So... see you next Sunday!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 1

Less than an hour for Day 1 of the 100 Days Project to finish, aaaand here's todays achievement. I hereby present to you, the first thirteen lower case alphabets of my new typeface. The typeface is currently called Chicken Potpie but it totally has potential to change. I don't like chicken.

The reason I chose this specimen to make into a typeface, was because of the upper case alphabets (to come soon). They reminded me very much so of Maori Kowhaiwhai patterns, and I thought it was fitting that I started off the 100 Days Project with this typeface. :-)

I realise that the bowl of the "o" isn't perfect, but at this moment, I just want to get the alphabets out; I can tweak later on.

Over and out. :-)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

a cluster of links

+ Favourite new blogs. This and this. The girls behind these blogs are so cool.

+ It's no secret that I'm not the world's best cook. But these mushrooms look easy to prepare...

+ Can't remember if I've shared this before, but this jewellery store looks pretty cool.

+ When I saw these blank books at the bookstore, I fell in love. I didn't buy them though, because I knew I wouldn't write in them, they're much too beautiful...

+ I love gold jewellery, but it always goes dark in a few months! Grr. Maybe I should try these home products for cleaning jewellery.

+ 19 things that prove Aladdin and Titanic are basically the same movie. Heheh.

+ Jewellery organisation video. I can never get enough of those.

+ I reeeally want to make an orange vanilla smoothie!

Monday, June 3, 2013

100 Days Project + sample of a new typeface

Choose one creative exercise, and then repeat it every day for 100 days.
Record each daily effort and see what evolves in the work and in the self over time.


The 100 Days Project starts this Friday (eek!). For my final graphic design project at university (back in 2011), I created four typefaces. I absolutely enjoyed working on them, and I couldn't wait to make more. Then I got a job, got busy, and sadly, I never got back to making any more of them. SO! For the 100 Days Project, I thought, this is it! I'm making typefaces! I don't know how many I'll be making, and I don't want to commit to a number, I just know that I'll be making some typefaces and when I can't, I'll make some type drawings.

This is one of the ones I'll be finishing off during the project.

 Like all the typefaces I'll be working on for this project, it's based on a type specimen from the Victorian era.

 I haven't quite decided what to name it yet. I am glad though that it brought me a good amount of Bézier curve practise! :D