Friday, April 9, 2010

Spielberg's The Pacific

Interactive advertisements are fun and they definitely attract onlookers. The first one I've seen around Auckland this year was for KitKat, where you could take off parts of the wooden advertisement and assemble a chair - have a break [have a KitKat] and sit on it!

The second one is an advertisement for Spielberg's The Pacific miniseries. The one I've seen is behind the university bus stop, on Symonds Street. Here are some photos [click on them to see them better!]:

Hardly anyone passes the wall without pausing here. The letters are written by soldiers fighting in the war to their family. They're real, as far as I know ... I talked to the person putting them up on the wall, and he kindly offered me some. :) I also got some photos from the wall. Ooh, and there's a poem too, I wonder if I should post it here?


DatzREIN said...

omg i got one in the mail lmao...lolz way cool!

Gandhali said...

whattt how did you get one in the mail?! i had to snitch it from the wall!! haha.. it's okay though, cos we're allowed to get them from the wall..

but, yes, way cool. there was this lady yesterday, and she goes "no, they're not real! they're photocopies"

and i wanted to lol.

Anonymous said...

if it`Z of da soldiers..den cuD Ya giv up sum1 elz`s letters o juz throw it away..:'(..

Gandhali said...

no, their family members must have granted permission to distribute them. and it's not like anyone's misusing them pochi. and no one's throwing it away, i know i'm not!

linnykins said...

Hey! I really like the idea of the Kit Kat one, it's quite clever, I think. I like this one too... go Auckland. :)

Gandhali said...

hiya linny, thanks for commenting ... i wish i'd gotten one of those kit kat chairs! XD

Ji said...

copy and paste, try,
Happy Sunday!