Sunday, May 3, 2009

Old-fashioned Blueberry Pie

Here's the recipe for the old fashioned blueberry pie that I prepared earlier:

The Ingredients for the Pie:

- 3 tbsp berry jam
- 3 cups blueberries
- 1 tsp cinnamon
- 1/4 cup sugar

Pastry: Edmonds shortbread pastry sheets

The Making of the Pie:

Heat jam until liquid, then stir in the remaining ingredients until the blueberries become soft [if they're frozen], and are evenly coated with sauce.


- Line a pie dish with pastry. Make sure that the pastry overlaps over the edge by 2 cms.
- Pour the filling into the pie dish.
- Arrange a lattice pattern such as this over the top of the filling.
- Fold over the remaining 2 cms of pastry sheet over the lattice.
- Bake at 210 degree celsius until the pastry is golden brown.
- Serve warm, and let me know how it went :D

Points to remember:
- I used the shortbread pastry. It gets soggy easily. So don't leave it uneaten for too long.
- For the berry jam, I used blueberry jam. It was delish. Way too sweet for me though.
- The pie dish was just a normal aluminium foil dish that you can get at your supermarket for about 50c.
- I read somewhere that the pie needs to be in the oven for 20 minutes. Ours cooked in about 15.
- Leftover pastry sheets? I cut out shapes, chucked them in the oven with the pie, and they turned out to be beautiful and very very delicious biscuits to go with tea. Also delicious raw! :D
- With the leftover pastry sheets, I cut some circles out of them and stuck them on top of the lattice. They looked good.

All of these are photographs that I've taken myself, if you want to use them for your assignments or any other purposes, please contact me first!

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