Friday, April 1, 2011

evolution of type taste

This is Jessica Hische's "Evolution of Type Taste". 

Funny, my evolution follows almost exactly the same path! When I first learned that I could type and make pretty pictures on the computer, I loved Comic Sans (gasp!) and Curlz MT. In high school, I loved Verdana (I still kind of do), Trebuchet (this typeface you're reading at the moment!) and Impact (of all the typefaces!). First year of high school, it was Baskerville and Gill Sans. And this year, I am loving the look of Archer (and a whole lot of vintage-y ones)! So so pretty. I might just buy it. Hmmm.

Yes, peoples, my first Graphic Design assignment of this year is to design a typeface! So far I have veered off track from my original design plan, but let's see how it ends up! Here is a screenshot of my original concept:

It was inspired by stars, constellations, and this! And even if I don't design it for the assignment, I plan on refining and working on it later on... :)


Kunal Kava said...

I am looking to it!!

Gandhali said...


Tigerlilandme said...

I love your constellation typeface. Would love you to design my logo for my freelance events management business. It'd suit its starry name!