Friday, March 11, 2011

a cluster of links

Once again reducing my overflowing bookmarks. Happy weekend, everyone.

+ Matchstick models (love the Hogwarts and Minas Tirith models. Yes, I found this via omg-facts.)

+ If you don't read omg-facts, you totally should start. Right now.

+ Matchstick Love. Heart, heart.

+ Up-inspired house.

+ Totally adorable wearable plants.

+ You've all been to Etsy... but have you seen Regretsy?

+ The cutest illustrations. Into a Fairytale.


Michemily said...

Those "wearable plants" are amazing. I almost didn't click on the link and then I gasped in amazement when I did.

Gandhali said...

soo adorable! i wonder if i can make one for myself.. hmmm

Kunal Kava said...