Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's on my mind?

Sweet confectionery!

First up is this delicious peppermint bark that Michelle kindly sent me (along with a box of American chocolates!).

I never had peppermint bark before, and I absolutely loved it! I found a recipe here that helped me make my own (which also turned out pretty good if I say so myself!). It's seriously easy+fun to make. Melt dark chocolate, cool it, melt white chocolate, pour on top, sprinkle with crushed up candy canes, cool that, DONE. :D And, oh yeah, post-Christmas sale means cheap as candy canes. Cha-ching! ;)

Now I also want to try making macarons! These guys make it sound so easy! 

Challenge accepted?


Michemily said...

You're so awesome. Good luck with the macarons. I hear they're feisty.

Gandhali said...

Thank you! I'll definitely let you know how they turn out! :-)