Friday, February 3, 2012

a cluster of links

Have a great Waitangi Weekend! :-)

+ Patterned Monograms

+ A game for all you pen-tool worshipping people out there (including me): Shape Type.

+ Awh! Dress-up Band-Aids! I want the sequins one!

+ Holy Mackerel. Michelle, you're right—this anatomical quilling is intense!

+ Doesn't this Lavender Lemonade look refreshing? (Actually, it kind of reminds me of Taro flavoured Bubble Tea!)

+ And these Lavender Shortbread cookies?! Next on the "to-bake" list! :D


Michemily said...

Happy Waitangi weekend to you! I loved the Everest panorama and the band-aids.

Raspberry Cat said...

Saw this and thought you might like it if you have not already seen it

Gandhali said...

Thanks Michelle :-)

Raspberry Cat! I think I've seen that before! So beautiful! :-_

Gandhali said...

Oops, supposed to be a :-)