Tuesday, March 20, 2012

hi :-)

Soo, I haven't updated in a while, and—holy moly I just checked the blog traffic, there're quite a few people reading this!—thought I'd pop in and write a post. I did mention that I was working towards getting my first proper graphic design job. Well, tick that off the list, for I am now working at one of New Zealand's largest media companies! Anywho, that's what's keeping me busy these days!

I happened across these delightful lollies (well, they look delightful, I haven't actually tried them) and thought the blog world might like to see :-)

Photos aren't great, but they would've helped me super-duper-immensely back in my first year of uni when I was trying to research and recreate Victorian chocolate packaging, but, never mind! If you're in Auckland and you're looking for these, you'll find them at Sabato.

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Michelle Glauser said...

Congrats on the traffic! Now if people would leave comments like they used to . . .