Monday, September 3, 2012

a cluster of links

Well! I haven't blogged in quite a while now! Just been caught up with work,  studies, and catching up on Full House (my guilty pleasure). It sure feels awesome to click "New Post" again! :D I have a few more links to go, so expect me to pop back soon! ...And without further ado, here are some awesome linkz from around ze interwebz.

+ Photo editing tips by Shutterbug on Pinterest.

+ Cool + fun party games.

+ Antipodes Map (found this from Michelle!)

+ Lovely type illustration.

+ Custom typographical logo designs (I hope I get to do this one day!)

+ Eye candy: Ellen's Album

+ The Style Files

+ Long exposure photographs taken from space. Aaaah.

+ Absolutely loving Andy Gilmore's work. I wonder how long it would take to painstakingly create those beautiful patterns?!

+ Typography + cities = this.

I'm obsessed with the use of geometrics and botanicals in design at the moment. If you, too, are into that kinda stuff, maybe check out my pinterest? :-)

Oh, and thank you, vintagetreasures, for following my little blog :-)

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