Monday, April 15, 2013

a cluster of links

Currently working on two design collaborations with my friends. Exciting things are to follow! :-) Do check out my pinterest, I've been pinning like crazy!

Okay so I know it's not Friday but this is long over due... I hereby present a cluster of links!

+ This is hilarious: 7 celebs who make the same face in every photo.

+ Tanesha Awasthi aka Girl With Curves is so stylish.

+ How far is it to Mars?

+ How croissants are made. I want some croissants now!

+ Gangnam Style dance dare.

+ Four ways to mix fonts.

+ This is a bit old now but a good one: The Greatest Nation on Earth Isn't Us.

+ 10 recipes for 20-somethings that can't cook. Hah!

+ Um, whaaat? The truth about the Fig Wasp, and why other vegetarians and I shouldn't eat figs anymore.

+ I loved this article about other peoples' seemingly perfect life on social media.

Until next time! :-)

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