Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blueberries and Bread.

Too much blueberry jam + too little bread + ten pm + working on the computer = take snaps!!

Please comment ... I'm going to post something really cool on sandwiches tomorrow!

Today was the 16th of September ... so my last month of teenage has started! I must do something crazy between now and my 20th birthday!!!! :D Any crazy ideas? Bear in mind that I have university, and I am afraid of heights! What would you have done?!

p.s.: I got something! I'm writing a letter each day til' my birthday to my much older self. My 49-year-old self, in fact. Because I think that 50, like 20, is a cool milestone. What do you think?


Anonymous said...


Gandhali said...

yes, yum! you must try it sometime!

p.s.: don't try the extra blueberry gum though [hey i gave you some the other day, didn't i?], it's very strong in flavour.

Laxmoii said...

lol ohhh rite rite icicic lol

n yea :P hehe

Gandhali said...

hehehe ... i tried calling you but you aren't homey womey :( i'll try tomorrow, k?

Sam Reyes said...

hey! oh sorry for the soo late reply. I'm quite busy and too occupied by my studies nowadays. I haven't got time to update my blog either. well, thanks for your replies.

Let's keep in touch.
check this out if you have time...

Gandhali said...

hey sam!! that's ok, i totally understand, i'm extremely busy with assignments as well :)

yup, definitely :)

i'll go see it now! :D