Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Birthday!

A BIG Happy Birthday to Frodo and Bilbo Baggins! Keep away from the One Ring, you guys! :D

No idea as to where that image is from ... if it's yours, and if you have a problem with me posting it here, please let me know :)

Today's Word of the Day:
Squib (noun): A small, slight, or weak person, esp. a child. [and this is only one of the many meanings of squib]


Anonymous said...

I think I know why J.K. used that name...

Daniel Radcliffe was supposed to be someone in Lord of the Rings but he doesn't want to do magic movies anymore after the last one.

Gandhali said...

hahahaha yeah!! :D argus filch!!

yes, he was rumoured to be bilbo baggins, but he decided not to do movies with wizards anymore lol. it would've been awesome if he said yes though, because they're shooting the new movie here in new zealand!!! i really want to be an extra ^.^ but uni starts at the same time so i'm not sure :)