Thursday, August 19, 2010


I won't be able to update much this weekend, because -

Semi-Permanent is on this Friday and Saturday! It's a two-day design conference, and people say it's brilliant. And very inspiring. 

We spent all day today packing 1800 goodie bags for Semi-Permanent tomorrow. Fun, fun!

I am also attending Subtlemob. Now I've never been to Subtlemob, so I don't really know what to expect, but there was an mp3 file that we downloaded, and all the people who gather for Subtlemob will start playing the audio exactly at the same time. Should be interesting!

And there is also another very amazing event that I will be photographing for, on Sunday!

See you on Monday, peeps!

p.s.: I did try linking Semi-Permanent and Subtlemob to their respective websites, but Blogger won't let me!


linnykins said...

Oh wow. Subtlemob. Hadn't heard of that before, let alone knowing that it's happening in Auckland! Looking forward to reading how it goes :) The idea reminds me of Improv Everywhre's mp3 experiment, found here...

Gandhali said...

hey! i started watching improv everywhere's videos when i found katie sokoler's blog! they're awesome!

but subtlemob was a totally different experience. i will blog about it later :)

now on to my product analysis essay that's due on friday that i haven't... ahem... started...