Monday, August 23, 2010

The weekend.

What a weekend!

Like I said, Thursday was spent packing goody bags. On Friday, I had volunteered for photography at Semi-Permanent, but I also got to see some speakers. Jessica Hische was fantastic! Such great work, and so inspirational! And look! She's on blogger! Also check out her Daily Drop Cap project. I watched Pixar's Andrew Gordon too, but I have to admit, I was a teensy bit sleepy by then. :O

Subtlemob was on Friday too. It's where you get a partner, download a certain mp3, and go and stand in a designated area. Then you start playing the mp3 at a certain time. And follow the instructions playing on your mp3. But it's all about being invisible and blending in; you're not supposed to know who else is taking part in the subtlemob with you. But I have to say, Fridays subtlemob was not so subtle. There were so many pairs of people walking about, earphones in their ears! And it's different to Improv Everywhere's mp3 experiment, in that this was more about life, and thinking about the little things... being there for someone when they're alone... drinking in your atmosphere... :)

The rest of the speakers on Saturday were brilliant as well. I liked all of them, especially Adrian Shaughnessy's design tips and Storm Thorgerson's 4D Kiwifruit glasses.

Sunday was amazing - I got to photograph a very exciting event. The Storylines Festival's Auckland Family Day. There was bookbinding, authors, illustrators, face painting, storytelling, card-making, factopia, Clifford and the Buzzy Bee, competitions, balloons, calligraphy and oh my! Stephanie - if you're reading this - you would've loved it!

Ahh, that was my weekend, friends. I wish every weekend was like this. Sigh.

How was your weekend?!


Anonymous said...

haha i probably would have loved all that book-y stuff!! ^u^ Your weekend sounds really fun!

Gandhali said...

it was amazing. :D

linnykins said...

Subtlemob sounds way cool. Stoked that you got to participate, I wonder if they're doing another one sometime...

My weekend was pretty good thanks! Had lots of time to catch up on much-needed sleep.

Gandhali said...

yes, i read all about it on your blog! :D

here's the site:

i wonder if you can still download the file (and listen to it!)