Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hello, folks! Can I just say, I had an amazing birthday, thanks again to K, M, J, A, and mum and dad for the loveliest cake that I've ever had! This is one of my favourite photos from the day (I'm the one in the middle):

And something I found on Katie's blog: Emails written in your handwriting. I can't wait to try it out, after the assignments are handed in!

Edit: Totally forgot to report back about the cookies! Everyone loved them! Making more for Christmas! :')


Jingle said...

Happy Belated Birthday.

Gandhali said...

thank you jingle!

linnykins said...

That's a pretty cool idea. Happy belated birthday too, glad you had fun!

So you were saying one time that you can get curly fries somewhere on K'rd, right..?

Gandhali said...
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Gandhali said...

thanks! i did, it was a lovely birthday :)

uh huh, at SPE, for $8 :) let me know if you like them!