Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Navratri is a Hindu festival, and the name literally means "nine nights" (nav is nine, and ratri is nights). It started last Friday, and will go on till Saturday (which is also my birthday!). Traditionally, people dance in a large circle around the statue/photo of the Goddess (I wasn't sure which Goddess it was, but Wikipedia says that this depends on different traditions). This dance is called Garba (pronounced gur-ba).

I just got back from Garba half an hour ago.. it's such an exciting experience, dancing and twirling to the beat of rhythmic music. I forgot everything and just danced! There's specific steps that you need to follow, and my friend Karishma (who also writes a blog here) taught me how to do them. Thanks, Kri! :) We were meant to take photos today, but we just danced the whole time... I'm going tomorrow as well, and I really hope I can take some photos that I can share here with you!

I don't think it's an opportunity to miss, so if you have any Indian friends, do grab them and go to Garba!!

Oooh, and my cookies are progressing very well, thank you. I iced some today. I've kept PINK as the theme of my birthday party, as it's one of my favourite colours, and it's also Breast Cancer Awareness Month!


Krissh said...

awwww... meera I know.. it was so much fun.. thnaks so much for coming... =D u r a great n fast learner hehe.. love u!! mwahzz

linnykins said...

That sounds like fun! I imagine it to be really colourful, right?

Gandhali said...

thanks kri, i'm coming tonight as well..

yep, super colourful and my outfit alone has millions of sequins on it!