Tuesday, February 22, 2011

International Number Ones

"Because every country is good at something."

Just a few number ones:
N.Z.: Half shell mussels
U.S.A.: Serial killers
India: Cinema goers (lol)

And some fun ones:
Uganda: Children
Costa Rica: Happiness :D
Switzerland: Hospital beds
Georgia: Library books
Somalia: Pirates

p.s.: I'm back after a bout of very slow internet!


linnykins said...

Thanks for your thoughts, it has been a rough start to the week. Thankfully, my family and I are okay and our house is fine, our neighbourhood wasn't as badly affected as the others and we've been without power until just now. Can't get over how many people died, far out it's crazy.

linnykins said...

Heh, a bit strange how I've never met you but I feel like I kinda know you eh! If you wanna add me on Facebook, send me your name through email? drifted.away (at)

It's raining hardout there now. Of all times to rain...