Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hello! Did you all have a lovely—and, for those who are in New Zealand, long—weekend?

We went to Rotorua (no photos, sorry!), and had the most fun with our family friends and their two adorable daughters (who I consider my sisters; I'm an only child). I screamed a lot while luge-ing, and then I screamed some more while zorbing. It's kind of embarassing that the six-year-old wasn't remotely scared while I was, well, nervous. Oh well. I had good fun in the end :P and I definitely want to do it again. I wish they had more of this stuff in Auckland too, but we got the Sky Tower.

And then, we went to Waitomo Caves. While we were in the 'cathedral' part of the caves, our guide asked if anyone from our group would like to sing to us, as a lot of world-class singers had held concerts in there. I put my hand up. The guide turned off all the lights, and I sang 'You Raise Me Up' for our tour. I thought it fitted the atmosphere perfectly, in those cool, quiet caves. It was quite a magical moment. :)

This is how I spent the last days of the first month of this new year. Can't believe we're in to February already! And before long I will be exhibiting my final project for the course, and collecting my degree! 


linnykins said...

OH yes, Auckland Anniversary weekend! How was the traffic going out of the city? :P

JEALOUS that you went zorbing!! I lived down the road from there for five weeks, but couldn't afford to do it :( and luging is so much fun!

Yaaay, Waitomo Caves. Also awesome.

Gandhali said...

not too bad, hehe we left at 6:30am!

i'm so keen to do both zorbing and luging again! it's super fun!!