Thursday, November 10, 2011

Miniature food

Recently, while blog-hopping, I came across this amaaazingly talented artist, Shay Aaron. 

Shay Aaron makes miniature food. Like. Doll-house sized. The food is so realistic, that I wanted to gobble up all the breads and the cakes. And when I found out from the photos that he starts making his tomatoes and bananas from the inside out (creating teeny tiny seeds first, then the flesh, then the skin, and so on), I cried a little.

Then I found out that there's this whole new world of miniature foodstuff. Some people use them for doll-houses, others use slices of fruits and veges as decoration on nails. All mind-blowing stuff. (To be honest, I don't have the patience to make miniatures, so I'll just look for now. :-) )

My friend Chloe, knowing my newfound obsession for miniature food, send me the link to this ingenious ring:

So anyway. This post is just to record this awesomeness in the blog. So I can come back and click on the link and goggle at all the talent again. And again. And again.

p.s.: Comment, please, okay? It literally makes my day. :D

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