Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Juuust testing out this typeface. After years of using Trebuchet, I think I'm now leaning towards using Courier for this blog. I don't know. You really don't have to read this, because I'm just writing to fill up some text space.

Gosh golly, isn't it a nice day? This here is a photo of Muir Woods, from the U S of A. Why is this photo here? Well, just because.

And, as I've never actually been to Muir Woods, there is no way that that photo is mine. I took it. From here.

p.s.: Did I really post this post at exactly 11:11AM? Well, no. No, I didn't. Did I schedule this post? Why yes. I sure did.


Michemily said...

So guess what? When I post at the same time as when I write something, it's usually an accident. And just so you can get some feedback, I think I like Trebuchet better than Courier for your blog.

Gandhali said...

i don't schedule mine, except for the friday links (which i gather and save as drafts throughout the week). but when i do, they all go at 11:11 am/pm.

thanks for the feedback! but i have to say though, i'm really liking the look of courier :-)