Wednesday, September 1, 2010


... hair curling, that is.

I have super straight natural hair, and I don't use a curling iron on it (I don't like how it damages the hair). But I have rag-curled it before (it's fun!). I might like to try this when I have oodles of time and gel:


Michemily said...

Wow, I have super straight hair too, and in my experience, rag curling is worse on it than using a curling iron. The rags get so tangled in my hair and just being able to work with my hair afterwards is one big mess. Plus, with curling irons there are now awesome products that protect your hair from being damaged. Just a thought.

Gandhali said...

wow, really? i loved rag curling it (i actually used ribbons, not rags, and they didn't tangle), i didn't need any product on it, and it stayed curled for at least a day... whereas with a curling iron, it stayed only for a couple of hours... then back to straight. but you're right, you do get irons with protectants in them, might be worth a try :)

Jen said...

Ironically, I have curly hair and spend a lot of time trying to straighten it. Wanna trade?

Gandhali said...

i'd love to, jen! :)

Anonymous said...

Mine is always straight, no matter what I do.