Friday, September 24, 2010

Make Paper Peonies with Martha and Lisa Yuen

I love flowers, and I don't know if I mentioned this before, but Peonies (esp. Mrs. FDR Peonies!) are my most favourite flower. I've never seen any real ones, and recently I was told that they only grow in very cold weather. And with spring arriving soon, this seems to be the Peony season in Auckland—they are used in the Pagani photoshoots, and I've seen fake ones at the Warehouse, Smith+Caugheys, and smaller shops. Also, L'Occitane's new makeup line? Inspired by Peonies. Peony face powder, face colour, lipsticks, and Paeonia fragrance. I was in Peony heaven the last time I was at L'Occitane.

Anyway, Martha's just made my Peony obsession a little bit easier. Here's the how-to on how to make paper Peonies. With Lisa Yuen. This is only Part 1, but Part 2 is on youtube if you're interested. Here's the recipe.

Also, I got two small white Primula plants for my room. The kind I got are different to all the ones I've looked on Google Images. They are so delicate, like a fairy's breath. They cheer me up constantly.


linnykins said...

I've certainly noticed the sudden obsession with peonies in society too!! I'm not sold on the peony fragrances though.

Heh, do say hi if we happen to pass each other on the street! :D

Gandhali said...

mm, i love the fragrance but i hate the price XD but yeah i just super love peonies.

of course i will :) during the day i'm normally in the city at my campus or walking thru qn street to my bus stop..

i need to start posting again.. :)

linnykins said...

Heh, I'm stuck on the North Shore during the week (at the hospital) but see you if I see you :)

My friend gave me some floral flavoured chewing gum the other day, was rather strange- like eating soap. I'm not a big fan, haha. Had flower breath afterwards.

Gandhali said...

whaat!! flower-flavoured chewing gum?! where do you get this exotic gum? :P

linnykins said...

Try Asian grocery or junk food shops? And yes, I kid not, flower breath!!

Gandhali said...

if i come across it, i am buying it! (although the soap taste kinda puts me off)