Sunday, December 19, 2010

An enchanted forest

While coming back from watching the newest Narnia movie, L. and I ventured on to High Street. I spotted a little nook, with steps leading downstairs to a basement. Everything was painted black, and I could see... Christmas trees (no joke).

I walked downstairs, L. hesitating—she told me that she regarded adventures as being only in Narnian worlds, and not in real life—but she followed me nonetheless.

We reached the bottom and there were more Christmas trees, the smell of pine, the sound of birds chirping and water flowing, and twinkling blue lights that led alongside a path. We followed along and came to a clearing. I swear I was waiting for some magical creature to leap out at me (yes, too many fantasy movies have gone to my head).

We were in the Christmas Shop on High Street (thank goodness it wasn't anything dodgy)! I loved the idea of this little refuge from the hustle-and-bustle (yes, yes, compared to some cities, Auckland is quite serene) of the city. If you're in the city, do check it out.

The shop is open till Friday 24th of December, and in the said clearing is a manned desk where there is a lucky dip for gifts. All donated by retailers on High Street. Pretty cool.

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p.s.: Narnia, by the way, didn't feel like Narnia without Peter and Susan :(

p.p.s.: I think it's kind of cool that I happen to find an "enchanted" forest the day I go to watch Narnia. It's a sign. ^.^

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linnykins said...

We have a Christmas shop too, but I don't think it's underground. Sounds like another world there- what do you think of the new Narnia movie? (I've yet to see it)