Thursday, December 16, 2010

Immortelle ♥

You know, sometimes you smell something, and it takes you somewhere else? In another time? In another place? 

's what happened to me when I took a whiff of the lovely Immortelle range by L'Occitane. I was transported to the pine forest of Ooty, where I'd picked up a big bunch of these flowers. They were tiny, plasticky flowers (seriously, they feel fake!) and they stay on like that for a long long time (hence "immortelle"). I loved their perfume then, I love it now! I'm going to scout for these flowers in Auckland now. 

Anyway... the Immortelle range is a little out of budget for me (and can I say unnecessary? It's all about anti-aging!), but I did get a little Verbena Solid Perfume. It's for $25 and it comes in a puny tin case. Verbena is their Lemon/Citrus range, and I love the perfume. 

If you like Citrus-y fragrances, do try it on the next time you're in a L'Occitane. It looks like this


Raspberry Cat said...

Yes, I think it is fascinating that the sense of smell is so closely connected to our memories ^^;; even more so than sight and hearing.

Gandhali said...


Kunal Kava said...

Are they dried flowers??

Gandhali said...

no, they're real flowers.. they feel dried.. and stay like that for a long time.