Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rainbow Cake???

So the last time I tried it, it didn't really work out as I wanted it to... ahem... anyway, I'm really quite inspired to give it a go again.

Here's the recipe.

p.s.: I've been making some rather lovely hair clips, and I would so love to post them here... I need to find a camera and get snapping!


linnykins said...

Ooh. Rainbow cake! It reminds me of when mum used to make green cake (Pandan flavour) and ... my classmates would look at me strangely.

Exciting about the hairclips, looking forward to seeing photos! There was a shop in Parnell I went to which sold hand-made ribbon hairclips. I remember thinking that it wouldn't be hard to make my own. Cool shop though :)

Raspberry Cat said...

Ehehehe THE rainbow cake ^_^;;;

Gandhali said...

i'm actually not aware of what pandan flavour is, but my gran makes coloured cakes!

what a coincidence! i've made just those bow hair clips like the one you get at equip and diva. i just thought $8 was too much for a couple of hair clips, and i had fabric at home so i made them. super easy. i should share a how-to. how i wish i had my camera with me :(

haha i remember that shop too. i asked the lady there if she would teach me how to make them. she declined. lol.