Friday, January 28, 2011

a cluster of links

Off for the weekend! Enjoy the links!

+ Lovely Valentine art inspired by stories around the world.

+ Huge pom-poms galore!

+ You might've read this one. The new Starbucks size, Trenta, is bigger than your stomach. I've only had Venti (Signature Hot Chocolate!) once. I think that Venti is quite huge in itself.

+ I applaud their patience. :O Oh man, look at this one.

+ How they made The Tale of the Three Brothers from Harry Potter. I loved the style of the animation sequence.

+ Lion necklace from Modcloth!! Love, love!! I'm going to scout for these in local jewellery stores.

+ a print a day. Oodles of inspiration.

I also have a few backlogged DIY's. I'll get to hopefully post them when a camera comes along? :(

Psst. If you've missed earlier cluster of links, click here! I try to post a few really good links every Friday. :)


Michemily said...

Oh, I have loved chocolate in a mug ever since I discovered it! And you can try several different variations. Leave out the cocoa and try juice or other spices. Yum!

Gandhali said...

i've actually never tried chocolate cake in a mug... i'm not sure if our mugs could handle it very well :S wow, i should try it with orange juice!