Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Uses ... Old Things ...

I don't know how, or when, but I came across this amazing article on MSN on how to use 50 old items in a fantastically new way.

Some of the uses include:

- An old tomato ketchup bottle for pouring batter for pancakes:

- A cassette holder [remember those?!] for your earphones:

- Popcorn instead of foam peanuts:

- Easter egg cases for storing snacks:

- ... and colour swatches as place cards:

p.s.: I didn't know my iMac could do this: ßø®e∂. If you're wondering how I did that, it's option+alphabets


Abby said...

thoes are some really good ideas!I like the popcorn one the best!

Gandhali said...

haha yeah!! there are heaps more if you click on the link!