Saturday, November 21, 2009


Mark this date.

In my twenty years, today is the day I have succeeded in blowing at least one decent bubble out of my bubblegum.

That is big news. Because I had sort of given up on it, seeing that I just couldn't do it. I mean, whenever I tried, I either [accidentally] spat the gum out, or it just didn't make bubbles. Maybe it didn't like me. Either way, I ended up embarrassing myself >.<

I wish, that someday, my bubble would be just as magnificent as the one in the picture.

Back to my assessment now. Keep chompin' on those gums! :D

p.s.: By the way, it was Hubba Bubba Outrageous Original.

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Robert Lau said... am a total failure at that....

...Enjoyed reading your journal.

Robert Lau

Gandhali said...

hahaha i can't say mine was the best, robert ... but oh well i tried!!!

i'm so glad to see that you're still reading my blog!!

thanks soo much for commenting! :D

have a wonderful day!!! :D

Abby said...

Haha i can never do it either!!

Gandhali said...

yeah but i can!! mine popped all over me once lol that was embarassing!!!