Monday, November 16, 2009

Of brooches and washing machines ...

I made a corsage brooch.
I proudly showed it to my grandma.
I grinned and put it in the pocket of my favourite purple hoodie. [Why oh why did I do that?!]
I chucked the hoodie in the washing machine.

And I got an awesome-smelling scrunched up brooch as a result.

Thank goodness it's not that scrunched up. Thank goodness the cardboard didn't disintegrate [I'd've cried if it had]. Thank goodness I hadn't yet attached the pin to it [which means it's not a brooch brooch as of now, but, oh well, it's getting there! :P]!

A close-up of my broochie [which is not technically a broochie].

About that awesome glass bulb. Mum got it from Smith & Caugheys for $1!! And about those ribbons. I got them for 20c and they're actually used as hair bands. I got 10 colours! :D