Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Crimson Thread

A little off-topic ... but if you like Rumpelstiltskin, I would highly recommend you to read The Crimson Thread written by Suzanne Weyn [it is a part of the Once upon a Time series]. It is a retelling, set in the 1800s. It's very cleverly written, and is an amazing read.

Here is what the blurb reads:

The year is 1880, and Bertie, having just arrived in New York with her family, is grateful to be given work as a seamstress in the home of textile tycoon J. P. Wellington. When the Wellington family fortune is threatened, Bertie's father boasts that Bertie will save the business, that she is so skillful she can "practically spin straw into gold."
Amazingly, in the course of one night, Bertie creates exquisite gowns—with the help of Ray Stalls, a man from her tenement who uses an old spinning wheel to create dresses that are woven with crimson thread and look as though they are spun with real gold. Indebted to Ray, Bertie asks how she can repay him. When Ray asks for her firstborn child, Bertie agrees, never dreaming that he is serious ...


So yeah, that's the blurb, it is seriously a very good read, with so many twists and turns, you never know what to expect!

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