Friday, December 11, 2009

Luggage Tags

Gran and I are going overseas soon. In a little over three weeks. After almost five years. I'm too excited about this. I love flying in aeroplanes ... there's just something so special about them! I know what movies we'll be watching, what we'll be eating, what seats we're thinking of ... haha! Call me crazy ...

I'm also designing our luggage tags. I was Googling some, and look at these totally adorable ones! So inspiring!

 I think mine will be based on these, anyway ... I'll print them out on heavy paperstock [I'm thinking 300gsm], laminate them, punch a hole through them, and ribbon them! Totally personalised! And, we can also have them as keepsakes for later on ... :)

I've been drawing more Disney princesses ... I'm debating as to whether I should post them up here!

Have you seen any cute luggage tags? Please let me know!!

Currently chomping on: Lindt Lindor Chocolate Balls [milk and dark]. Best. Chocolate. Ever. Period.


Stephanie said...

i have luggage tags that say my name and that kinda stuff and they're purple with white writng. i love them. they're really simple though.
post the princesses! i want to see them!

Gandhali said...

oh yea thats a great idea, i could make some tags with just my name on it ... hmmm. definitely something to think about!

princess post coming soon!