Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tutorial - easy corsage brooch

My first-ever tutorial! Don't forget to click on the images to see them better!

Yup, these are the flowers that I bought the other day at Spotlight. If you want an extra challenge, you can of course make them yourself. [I'm also going to be doing a tutorial on making a brooch from scratch :) ]

Oh, and I'd tied a knot to the stem just to make sure the petals didn't come undone.

To make it extra sturdy, I cut a cardboard circle, chalked a bigger sized circle on a piece of black fabric, and stuck the fabric on the cardboard. 

Snip the flower stem, stick the base that you just made, and attach a brooch pin with strong glue. Leave the brooch to dry! Mine is still drying. :)

And voila! Super cute corsage brooches!!


Abby said...

Cool I love them!!

Gandhali said...

aw thanks .. i was going to wear it yesterday, but i was just going to the video store, so decided not to dress up hahaha! :D

Kunal Kava said...

I saw pics uploaded on fb, so i guessed U must have made posts also! I was correct! :-)

Gandhali said...

hahaha yeah i'm starting to upload every day now!! :D