Monday, December 7, 2009


Ever fascinated by a Smiggle store? I was today. I think that currently they only have stores in Australia and New Zealand, but they do have an online shop. And now they're opening at a mall near me. Yeay!

Basically, Smiggle is a fusion of a.) cute and funky, and b.) stationery.

[I have just realised that I'm typing this without my glasses and my vision is kind of going foggy, so excuse me while I go get my glasses..]

Okay, I'm back and the glasses are on.

This is what I got from Smiggle today [they're actually my initials, but they could also stand for 'Graphic Bee'. Awesome!]:

I would love to own one of those pencil cases! How unique are they?!:

Glue and markers:

Duck-shaped rubber bands! Bendy pencils! Bone-shaped paperclips! Oh my!

 Take a peek at their wide and amazing range of stationery.

All images are from the Smiggle website, except for my badges :)


Stephanie said...

He have a store like that here in the States! Except it's called Staples. I got a bunch of paper clips, bull dogs (the fat clippy thingies) and big neon push pins. The paper clips were shaped like hands, feet, cats, dogs, a music note and a guitar.
I like the rainbow pencil bag! So many zippers!!

Gandhali said...

yes, smiggle certainly is quite funky. i have a nice fuzzy pencil case at the moment, but i think i'll have to buy one of those zippered ones for next year!

oh wow staples sounds like smiggle :)