Monday, March 29, 2010

Hol(e)y Egg!

How's this for testing your patience?! Franc Grom, the creator of these beautiful eggs drills about 3,000 holes in each egg! But how beautiful do these eggs turn out?! Read the whole story here.

Another artist whose work is just as beautiful and requires lots of patience - Nick Veasey, the x-ray photographer. He x-rays individual parts of objects, then puts them all together on the computer. And voila!

Images are © their respective artists.


Anonymous said...

it`S inDEEd aWEsUM sIS..i neva cud hav knew dat ur so talented if i wudn`t hav seen diZ...:)

Gandhali said...

oh haha thanks brother ..

DatzREIN said...

omg the eggs are soo cool!!!! i jus wanna put a light inside of it and see it glow in the dark!! XD

Gandhali said...

aah it would be heaven - but rachel, have you seen those sculptures with all those small holes with a light in them? i saw them at this gallery we went to .. can't remember the name though :(