Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Anthropologie Bottle Art

Wow, take a look at this amazing article on Anthropologie's window display - made out of cut plastic bottles! Such a cool project!

Kandee Johnson, one of my most favourite bloggers, also talks about the display here. Do check out her amazing channel on youtube, where she shows heaps of make-up and dress up tutorials and tips! Yay for free online tutorials :D

Edit: I was writing this post, and the power went off. Thank goodness for sweet "Save As Draft" mode!!
Got that image from Kandee's blog, I'm sure it's © Anthropologie :D I only intend to use it for illustrative purposes.


DatzREIN said...

OMG! That is soo cool!!!! wow must of took ages and just the concept is soo crazy!!! which makes it amazing!!!

Gandhali said...

it is, isn't it?! visual art, raycho, visual art! :D i really want to try this project though ... might help me get away from my iMac! i don't think it'll take THAT long ... but seriously, i would never have thought about using plastic bottles to make flowers! yaay anthropologie :D