Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Harry Potter Covers

What do you think of these new Harry Potter covers [designed for the newer generation that hasn't "grown up with Harry Potter"]? Personally I think they're lacking the magic. They also remind me of the Famous Five book covers [scroll down for it]. The name Harry Potter, I suppose, is written in Harry's writing [looking at Harry's handwriting from Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them]. But still. I like the older covers better. Maybe they could've kept the colours the same [maroon and yellow for PS, green and blue for CoS, purple and yellow for PoA, and so on]. Maybe it's because I grew up with them? :)

These would be hitting the shelves in November. Which shelves [UK? USA? New Zealand?]? I don't know. Not sure if the old ones are still going to stay. Not sure about what Scholastic is doing, because these are Bloomsbury covers.

I have the first four in boxed set Bloomsbury childrens paperback, the fifth in Bloomsbury adult paperback, and the sixth and seventh in Bloomsbury childrens hardcover. Haha ... anyway, here's the Famous Five cover:

Images and stuff from Bloomsbury, information from Mugglenet.

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Anonymous said...

In INDIA..da new covers of da bloomsbury havn`t yet launchd but da old covers wer quite better..have u eva imagined harry potter translated in HINDI..i still remember wen da 5th part "HAARY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE" waz launched ova here in waz translated az"HARRY POTTER AUR AAG KA PYALA(HARRY POTTER AND THE CUP OF FIRE)" waz actually ridiculous coz da meanings usd 2 differ..well it`z quite awesum in english!!

Gandhali said...

yeah - these are going to be released in november, from what i hear ... yeah i like the old ones too!

hahahahaha aag ka pyala, that's a good one!! i could never have the patience to read it in hindi!!! and i'd be laughing too hard!! oh my goodness, the dubbing is terrible too! my friend was actually the voice of draco malfoy, lol!

yup they really are awesome :D

Gandhali said...

btw, goblet of fire is #4 :P and order of the phoenix is #5 :D

Taarini NB said...

by which publishing house is the famous five cover?

Gandhali said...

Hi Taarini! I'm actually not too sure who published the books with those covers!