Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just a little note ...

Hey guys, you might've noticed, I'm back from holidaying and into the bloggle world again ... My first three weeks of university have been very busy, juggling assignments and all, but it finally seems as if I'm getting used to this new year of uni. I will be blogging again! I tried little posts to start with, and it felt so good, that I'm officially back :D

Aaaand, if everything goes well, you will have an Easter goody waiting for you right here tomorrow. Yes, YOU, my lovely!! :D

I must get some sleep now! Toodles!

PS: It would be ever so nice if you left a comment ... :)

PPS: Argh, my posts are being attacked by smileys! :O :O :O


aparna_2704 said...

its been 3 weeks u left india????????

Gandhali said...

four, isn't it?

yaaaay a comment!! finally!! :D