Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Alexa Meade

You didn't think these were real paintings now, did ya?

Naw, of course not! Alexa Meade paints on her subjects itself! Look and read more about her here. Alexa's website here.


DatzREIN said...

ahahahaha looks soo familiar lolz ...theyre soo cool dont you think... really amazing! though sum people comment stuf like thats soo dumb the paint wil ruin their skin lmao! but im like eh...itz art! lolz

Gandhali said...

oh yea you posted about them too right? too bad i found it waay earlier hahahha XP yeah well maybe she thinks about it and uses paints that are ok for your skin? i'm sure you get those?

Jingle said...

check out awards on my other blog,
they are for you if you sign up and follow me,
i will follow you now.

Gandhali said...

aw thanks i follow you already it's just that i was a bit busy this week with assignments and all! :)

Kunal Kava said...

I mean! wow! I felt they were paintings in real!