Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Orangey leaves.. dead branches.. hot soup.. mmm, hello, autumn! [yep, facebook friends, this was my status a while ago]

I also got second-hand copies of the Lord of the Rings trilogy from my university [we have market day every Wednesday]. This will hopefully make me read them finally ... ha ha ... I've watched the movies, and I love them! Just got to get around to reading the books now!

And yes, Aparna, this is the mug that you gave me! :D Aparna gave me the awesomest mug ... it's got my photos on it!

Speaking of awesome mugs, how's this one for multi-purposed?! 

Although, no use for me, mind you ... I like to have at least four of those nom-noms with my tea! Aaand, they have them mugs for right-handed people, as well as left-handed people! Of course! From Mocha. Also check out their wall pots, and sky umbrella.

Wow, doesn't seem as if it's been a year, but it's been almost a year since I posted this Autumn post! [My images from that post are so, well, blue!]

Lotr book photo and soup photo © Gandhali B 2010

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