Thursday, April 1, 2010


Yay for the Easter break! Here's a nice Easter wreath tutorial that I stumbled upon earlier today, if you're interested. 

Okay. Half-way through writing that, I remembered: Today's April Fools Day! And ... it's 8:30pm! Damn!!

So I whipped up this easy prank:

Dried-up blood and wound:

Take some glue. The kind you get in sticks. I used Amos Baton de Colle. It's quite a soft glue. Scrape a bit off, and apply it to wherever you want the wound to be. Paint over it with a red gel pen/pilot pen/whatever you want. I used a vivid [a permanent marker] because I was in a great rush, but I'm not sure how it's going to come off now! So think before you paint :P

It's awesome how glue looks just like dried up blood. I did mine on my palm [it was "a cut from a blade!"]. And yes, if you are wondering, my little trick did work, though I think the person who I was tricking was a tad annoyed. Okay, maybe more than tad. But that's because my "wound" was huge and pretty awful-looking. Hahaha ...

By the way, someone from school taught me this four years ago :D

Also. It's George [and Fred *sob*] Weasley's birthday today! Happy Birthday to the master pranksters!

PS: This post was only supposed to be about Easter and eggs and such. But one thing led to another ... ha ha ha ... funny how that happens!

Edit: The time down here ↡ lies.


Anonymous said...

IdeA mAinE baTaYa tha..BuT No CRedIT tO mE..:'(..daTz nOT fAiR..


Gandhali said...

pfft pochi, the idea was totally mine :P