Friday, April 9, 2010

Froggity Plop!

So there are five frogs squatting on a log.
Four decide to jump.
How many remain on the log?

PS: Akshay, you're not allowed to reply :P


Jingle said...

that's cool poem!
log, it sounds fun!

Gandhali said...

hehe but did you get the answer?! :P

Gandhali said...

i'll be posting a poem that a soldier wrote tomorrow, jingle!!

Anonymous said...

1 frog????

Gandhali said...

no, stephanie!! FIVE!! guess how?!

Anonymous said...

5 dey juz dey jump on da log itselF..:P..daT waZ a liL kOOL 1 siz..buT teMMe iF any of da 1 frog out of jumped out of da log..hw manUY wud REmaiN..???..:D :P


Gandhali said...

lol pochi you're wrong too ... the answer is ... five!

because they only *decide* to jump, they haven't actually jumped yet! :P

i can't believe that i didn't get it earlier!!

Anonymous said...

but i did saY 5..datZ cheaTin..chal merA prEseNT(inAAm) de..:'(..:P