Monday, July 19, 2010


Hey! I hope everyone's holidays have been good, and their first day back (at university/school) interesting. Mine's been good so far. I got a better mark on my assignment than I'd expected.

So I've been caught up in a few things at home this past week, hence I couldn't update regularly ... I also have a small assignment due tomorrow that I'd been working on (it's mostly done now) and I've still got to do the selection of photos that I want to post on here. :) This will be done tonight, hopefully.

A strange new thing happened while I was in Sydney. I got really interested in fashion. And shopping. Haha... New semester, here I come! ;)

Recently, I've also started keeping a look-book (just a bunch of photos in a folder on my computer). Then I found out that one of my good friends keeps a similar look-book as well (hmm, I didn't know people did that! Do you???). My look-book contains inspiration from Emma Watson, Bonnie Wright, The Clique (Massie and Kristen are my favourites), the brand new Andy Sachs from The Devil Wears Prada, Lavender Brown (Yes! From Harry Potter!), and Leslie from The Bridge to Terabithia (I don't follow her style exactly, but I love it!). It's a mix of styles, and of course, my style will be different to theirs, because of my ethnicity, body shape, etc. but they're my main inspiration. This is also a good site if you want to start a look-book.

Here're two pictures of my inspiration board:

I printed out butterflies from here. I've got ten on the board, and they look as if they're going to fly any time!

I also won and received a painting from Mary's Workshop via The Bright Side Project (I also won two more things, but I haven't yet heard back from either of its sellers). The painting is of roses, and is very lovely!

And last but definitely not the least, thank you, Heather, for following us! :D


linnykins said...

hey! Welcome back and I hope you're having a fun Re-O'week :) Our uni set up a ferris wheel outside the student union... :)

Awesome inspiration board so far!! And a look-book's a cool idea. Sydney's good for getting into fashion eh.

Rashmi D said...

Love IT!

Gandhali said...

haha yep fun alright, we got a brief yesterday already... whoa ferris wheel! we had horizontal bungee last year... sydney's amazing...

thanks shmee! :D

Raspberry Cat said...

Aww, do we not get to see the painting ^^;; ?

Gandhali said...

hey, i'll definitely post a pic up soon! :)