Saturday, July 10, 2010


Hey. Notice the lack of posts? It's because I'm on holiday. In Sydney. Yep, totally not kidding. We decided I was going to Australia like, five hours before my flight was to take off. Can you imagine the rush of packing clothes, cancelling plans (with friends; I was to go to an island for voluntary tree-planting today), calling up people? Kind of insane, but fully awesome.

So I've been shopping (military and nautical are big styles here right now, as lace is in New Zealand), and generally doing all the touristy things. Going to see the Opera House on Monday, methinks. I should be back in New Zealand on the 14th.

Bye bye peoples, and I shall see you back on the 14th!

p.s.: Yes, I'll post pictures of my inspiration board, too. :)


DatzREIN said...

OMG!!! How exciting!!! That is totally AWESUM!!!! Cant Wait to hear about your adventures when you get need to tell me everything!!! :D

linnykins said...

SPONTANEOUS trips for the win! OVERSEAS spontaneous trips for even more win!!!!

No need to tell you to have a blast, see you later :) Safe travels!

Gandhali said...

thanks guys :D at the moment, rachel, only adventuring in clothes stores ;) loving the bargains :O :D

i know right, and this is the first time i've been to australia!! and business class and all!! :D

loove it here!

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

enjoy the rest of your trip! loved the paper rose :)

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