Thursday, July 22, 2010

Seed-Nee Part 1: The touristy things

Come with me on a small trip to Sydney!

Edit: Please click on the photos to see them a bit better! I didn't realise they'd look so ... small. The next batch will be larger. I promise.

Sydney Tower. First photo taken from a moving Monorail, second from George Street (I think).


Darling Harbour. Home to the biggest IMAX theater in the world. Pretty, isn't it?
Monorail Station (I was eating Movenpick Strawberry Ice-cream, a flavour that I haven't found in Auckland, so missed this particular monorail!), and a Monorail!


This is, I think, the ferris wheel of Luna Park. But I could be wrong.
Chinese Temple (both photos taken from the moving Monorail)


The infamous Sydney Harbour Bridge. First photo at around 9am, second around 5pm (it's winter here!). The evening picture definitely reminded me of Finding Nemo! It's taken from a train stopped at the Circular Quay station. Doesn't the station have the most beautiful view?! Seen from this point, the Opera House is to the right, and I think the bright area on the other side of the bridge is Luna Park.


No Sydney pictures can be complete without the Opera House.
Some people that are eternally carved on to the Opera House!

Some more photos to come tomorrow!


linnykins said...

Aww, so fun!! Yum, strawberry Movenpick and sweet token photo of the Harbour Bridge.

Gandhali said...

thanks!! :D