Monday, June 3, 2013

100 Days Project + sample of a new typeface

Choose one creative exercise, and then repeat it every day for 100 days.
Record each daily effort and see what evolves in the work and in the self over time.


The 100 Days Project starts this Friday (eek!). For my final graphic design project at university (back in 2011), I created four typefaces. I absolutely enjoyed working on them, and I couldn't wait to make more. Then I got a job, got busy, and sadly, I never got back to making any more of them. SO! For the 100 Days Project, I thought, this is it! I'm making typefaces! I don't know how many I'll be making, and I don't want to commit to a number, I just know that I'll be making some typefaces and when I can't, I'll make some type drawings.

This is one of the ones I'll be finishing off during the project.

 Like all the typefaces I'll be working on for this project, it's based on a type specimen from the Victorian era.

 I haven't quite decided what to name it yet. I am glad though that it brought me a good amount of Bézier curve practise! :D

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