Wednesday, June 5, 2013

a cluster of links

+ Favourite new blogs. This and this. The girls behind these blogs are so cool.

+ It's no secret that I'm not the world's best cook. But these mushrooms look easy to prepare...

+ Can't remember if I've shared this before, but this jewellery store looks pretty cool.

+ When I saw these blank books at the bookstore, I fell in love. I didn't buy them though, because I knew I wouldn't write in them, they're much too beautiful...

+ I love gold jewellery, but it always goes dark in a few months! Grr. Maybe I should try these home products for cleaning jewellery.

+ 19 things that prove Aladdin and Titanic are basically the same movie. Heheh.

+ Jewellery organisation video. I can never get enough of those.

+ I reeeally want to make an orange vanilla smoothie!

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